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"CF Sweet Treat"  - Cupcake
Cupcake is small and thick as well as the resident prima donna.  She is perfectly happy when being served by her minions aka humans.  She considers herself a "delicate flower" and expects to be treated as such.  Sweet natured, and easy going.  Favorite past times include going for leisurely walks, being fawned over, and napping.  Dislikes:  wet grass!

"CF Third Times The Charm" - Patti
Patti is a sister/littermate to Cupcake, but couldn't be more different.  Silly girl who loves to play and is a bit of a tomboy.  She loves to splash in the kiddie pool, then romp and roll around with her buddy Mojo.  Most sunny days will find them canoodling on the kuranda bed. 

"CF Dynamic In Blue" - Indie
Indie is our keeper from Jake.  She is a small, agile girl who is a study in contrasts.  One minute she is a ball chasing nut and the next she is the world's best cuddler.  She loves to drop toys in the kiddie pool but refuses to retrieve them.   She describes herself as "a bit complicated".  Friendly and loving, but cautiously chooses her friends.   Favorite past times include playing with Sheldon, alerting us to trespassing cats and wrapping herself in a fuzzy blanket "burrito style".   


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