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 The Gentlemen of Clearwater Frenchies.......


Scooby is our very handsome Black Mask Red Fawn.  We have looked a long time to find this quality of a male in the gorgeous Red Fawn color.  Scoobs is very small and compact with an awesome head and a winning personality.  He is our resident "court jester"......Scooby is a human prankster in a dog suit!

Firefield's Big Bang - "Sheldon"

As his name would imply....Sheldon is the brains of our outfit!  Small, quick and always on point, nothing gets by this boy.  He's lovable, intelligent and listens well (yes, you heard me right - a Frenchie that actually listens!)  Favorites include playing in the kiddie pool, chasing the girls, and rocking on the porch swing.   

He's Got Game!  - "Mojo"

Mojo is our "Good Time Guy" and our resident Casanova. While he may be our junior sire, he is ready to romance (sometimes to the dismay of the girls :)....Hey, you can't blame a guy for trying.  Mojo is silly, lovable, and gets along with everyone.  He's always entertaining....not a day goes by he doesn't make us laugh!


Clearwater Frenchies